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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people video, posted by the extremist sect jordanian activists hold posters of the military pilot held hostage by isis. a shocking new video posted by the extremist second purportedly shows the -- sect
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purportedly shows him being killed. hello everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. the pilot was being burned alive while confined in a cage, we're choosing not to air the images. militants captured the pilot after he ejected back in december from his crashing plane. he was participating in the u.s. led coalition air strikes over syria. this is his wife holding a picture of her husband as she weeps during a protest in jordan earlier today. president obama briefly commented on the video this morning. >> should in fact this video be authentic, it's just one more indication of the viciousness and bar barety of this organization. >> president obama says isis is only interested in death and destruction. and this new video solidifies the global coalition's effort and its determination now to defeat those terrorists. >> there are now 92 reported cases of measles in california.
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prompting moves toward quarantines of children. and here are the latest numbers in the bay area. there are 13 confirmed cases. nearly half are in alameda county. the others are in marin, san mateo, santa clara, and solano counties, berkeley's public health department sent an e- mail to parents relating a 21 -- recommending a 21 day quarantine for all unvaccinated kids at any school where an outbreak occurs. so far there are no cases in berkeley but the point is to motivate parents to get their children immunized. this is a standard public health recommendation and that the law is on its side. >> there are legalities that we can issue formal orders, we usually don't have to but we can and we have. >> in southern california the infant room at a day care center at santa monica high school is closed because a baby tested positive for the disease. all 14 infants who attend there are now quarantined for three weeks. the children are all younger
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than a year old. they are too young to be vaccinated. pushing for a hearing on the outbreak in washington. republicans are split on the issue of preventative vaccinations. >> false rumors still exist that vaccines and a preservative for multidose vaccines which used mercury as a preservative to preseptember bacteria growth led to autism. there is no credible evidence that supports that claim. >> representative murphy's comments were in stark contrast to comments made by fellow republican rand paul yesterday. senator paul claims vaccines can cause mental distorts in children. sadly friends of a fire victim are now struggling to raise enough money for a funeral at his home country of el salvador. he was killed in an apartment fire in san francisco's mission district and as kpix 5's ryan takeo tells us the gas roots effort to give his family peace is now going on. >> he was one of my best friends. >> reporter: lester lopez knew the man ever since they grew up
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together in their home country of el salvador. last week lester broke the news to maurice owe's family. >> their family, they told me are you kidding me? no i'm not kidding with them. >> reporter: he was sleeping up stair last week. he later died. >> i countably it. >> reporter: lester says his long time friend constantly took care of ohs at -- others at his church. >> he was a friendly guy. he worked for the family and his country. >> reporter: he worked as a mover and sent money back to his country to take care of his sister and nephews. now lester is raising $6,500 to send his body back to their home country for a funeral to give his family closure. >> we need your help. >> so far, friends have raised about $1,000 towards that
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$6,500 goal. live in the mission district of san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. all right, ryan thanks and you can head to our website. for a link to that go fund me account. just click on the links and numbers. a man suspected of stuffing a dismembered body into a suitcase must be charged today or released. the suspect mark andrus was arrested on friday. surveillance video showed him near the spot where the suitcase was found last week in san francisco. investigators are trying to confirm through a dna match whether the victim is his old roommate. san jose fire investigators say mechanical failure caused a car to catch fire outside a care home overnight. neighbors say they heard at least one explosion around 4:00 this morning. firefighters were able to stop the flames before they did much damage to the home also a residential care facility. all four people in the home got out safely. and police in san francisco are investigating four home invasion robberies. the first happened on friday on the fair lawn street in the
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ocean view neighborhood. female suspect wielding a knife took jewelry and money. and on saturday two men entered a home and stole a car. sunday two men took money on buchanan street in the lower haight. last night five suspects held them at gunpoint and the visitation valley. so far no sign they are related. the feds say an oakland pot dispensary has gotten too biggest fast. for two years the federal government has been trying to seize harborside health center. today a federal appeals court is hearing arguments in the dispute. a seizure would harm its interest since it's one of four centers the city regulates. despite if economic boom in oakland the city is still facing a big budget shortfall. the gap is $30 million as they begin preparing a new operation budget. the shortfall threatens efforts to increase police staffing as well as major negotiations with
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city unions this year. the new budget must be finalized by june. not everyone can experience life in the fast lane when it comes to shy speed interpret. -- high speed internet. but kiet do reports, the federal government is expected to have a plan to make sure everyone has equal access. >> if you think net neutrality is some obscure geeky issue, that's only affecting industry insiders, well consider this netflix here has to pay some cable companies extra money to make sure the tv shows and movies aren't slowed down on purpose. this could change with the new proposal under consideration by the fcc. the chairman tom wheeler says the internet should be registrationlated just hike any other utility like water electricity or phone service. and that is known as title ii. if that happens it would give the fcc power to enforce net neutrality. they have four commissioners half democrat and half republican and the democrats support it but the republicans oppose title ii. >> technological innovation requires the right conditions
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and more government means less flexibility and fewer opportunities to grow i think it was president ronald reagan that said the answer to our problems is never more government. >> for commerce sites, for business site, and this is -- i define this broadly from etsy to amazon o google. that the speed your website -- of your website is absolutely directly correlated with revenue. >> reporter: as for web based business themselves, they argue having internet fast and slow lanes would kill start-ups and shrink profits and hurt innovation. the fcc votes on this new proposal february 26th and likely pass. after that the cable kanes will likely -- companies will likely appeal it. in los gatos, kiet do, kpix 5. >> that announcement is now scheduled for thursday from the fcc. menlo park authorities are asking boaters to be more prepared. the fire department says they've received eight rescue calls in the last month alone.
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normally they get about 12 calls for an entire year. the district's airboat crew says some of the boaters they've rescued do not have equipment to sustain them in case of an marge. -- emergency. >> basically it's lack of preparation and lack of safety out there that the boaters aren't well prepared. the boaters haven't planned their trip. they're not aware of the tide charts and don't have the appropriate equipment out there boating. >> authorities say they spent a long time just looking for people because boaters don't have gps devices and flares. the state water board says california has met governor brown's 20% water reduction target. the governor called on all residents to make the cut. when he declared a drought emergency last year. the closest california came to reaching that goal was back in august when water dropped 11%. the mandatory restrictions are set to expire this coming april and because of our lack of rain so far, the board is now considering extending that date. fans of a local rapper mourning his death after he was
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shot and killed in oakland. video of the scene last night was posted to social media. witnesses say they heard several gunshots around 8:15 at 94th and mcarthur. and police tell us the victim is 37-year-old dominic newton. he went by the stage name the jacka. ♪ ♪ newton was from pittsburg, so far police have made no arrests. suge knight was taken to the hospital today after pleading not guilty to murder charges, he had been complaining odd murder charges while in court. night's attorney maintains he accidentally ran over the men while trying to escape an attack. he could face life in jail if he's convicted. bike thefts in san francisco are on the decline. safe bikes is a campaign to reduce bike thefts in the city claims thefts are down some 20% now. the program launched a year ago. it was created to educate people about locking
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techniques. and encouraging them to register their bikes the safe bike data base has led to the return of more than 100 stolen bikes. great britain is the first country to approve a controversial treatment known as three parent ivf. couples can use dna from three different people to make babies. british lawmakers gave the go ahead today. the ivf technique is aimed at preventing infants from being born with certain diseases. the treatment would create genetically modified embryos that use healthy dna from a female donor. some say it's a step closer to designer babies. >> this would be the first time that we would intentionally manipulate the human genome. it's something that governments around the world have agreed from the last 20 years that we shouldn't do. >> the first three person ivf baby could be born as soon as next year. a from sail january beauty -- brazilian beauty parent turns ugly. -- pageant turns ugly.
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why she says she did it. >> almost every product in the grocery store has a date on it. what does it actually mean? the answer coming up next. >> 43. 43 straight days with no measurable rainfall right here in the bay area. good afternoon everyone. we have dry skies now. but rain and when it should arrive. i've got the details as the news continues on kpix 5.
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checking wall street on a tuesday, it's a supertuesday because look at that. up 258 plus points and it's still going up. good news. hey the surprising winter of the super bowl halftime show is -- that right there. that woman. missy elliot. fans went wild for the rapper's return. streaming of her music shot up some 676% after her surprise performance.
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katy perry's increased too but only 85%. >> what about lenny kravitz? he is my favorite. >> i know. lenny was great too. >> they were great too though. hey a beauty pageant blunder. >> no you don't. the runner-up stole the show when she stole the crown from the winner. take a look. the crowning moment of miss amazon in brazil. didn't last long. the runner-up ripped the crown off the head of the first place girl and threw it on the stage can then stormed off and gave a kiss to the crowd. said good-bye. the 23-year-old later defended her actions saying the winner bought her way to the title. >> i love the reaction of the other ladies there. they're just like what? >> there is -- shock. >> what are you doing? >> oh my goodness. that looked like it hurt. >> pageants can get out of control. >> i guess so very catty. >> i guess she was not selected miss congeniality.
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i think it's safe the say that. >> not after that. done. okay all right, weller from beauty to a little bit of haze out there. not so beautiful weather as far as our air quality is concerned today. oh. good afternoon everyone. let's take a peek outdoors right now. we have some haze looking out towards mount diablo and also a thin veil of clouds and where they're all associated with. first look how mild the temperatures are right now. the winds are pretty much nonexistent. the gustiest i could find right now in is oakland out of the west at 8 membership but that's it. with the lack of a good breeze we have another spare the air day with the hazy conditions and near or record temperatures for the second consecutive day. hey, we had some records last saturday as well. and the saturday before that. these temperatures are averaging well above normal. meanwhile, 15 degrees in minneapolis compare that to 62 degrees in sacramento. this is what you need to know locally today. we do have rain beginning very early on thursday morning in the north bay. really even overnight wednesday night to thursday morning. far reaches of the north bay. wet and windy for everybody on friday. and then the rain will continue through sunday. the clouds we're experiencing right now is all associated with that area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area.
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meanwhile, you'll see the clouds. filter in and out today into our wednesday. if you watch that fast moving clock. but what i want to share with you is this right here. leading edge of this system by thursday 7:00 a.m. and then notice, it's a north bay event all thursday. everybody is going to be going what rain? it starts to play tag with san francisco by 7:00 p.m. then backs off stalls over the north bay. so by friday morning i suspect an urban and small stream flood advisory for the north bay. as the heaviest precipitation is located there. but then everybody gets wetter by the lunch hour in san francisco. by the evening commute in san jose, we'll be telling up to eight inches of rain and the wettest spots north of the golden gate bridge. sun goes down tonight 5:35. and with it temperatures. 60s and 70s my outside number today 75 degrees. what? that's in gilroy. and in santa cruz. rain begins in earnest around the area on friday. very windy conditions. a second wave of heavy rain
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showers again saturday night into sunday morning. >> i detect a little excitement in you. >> you always scold us when we get happy about sunshine. >> a round of applause for that. we need it. thanks. hay we've seen the dates on grocery store foods but what that they actually mean? a group says the dates are confusing to many consumers and they are tossing out good food and money because of them. >> from milk to meats, salads to cereals, if it's in the grocery store, it's got a date on it. some say use by, others are marked sell by and some just have a date. but what do they all mean? >> well, it's a good question. >> i don't want to eat something that's expired. >> but peter from the national resources defense council or nrdc says these dates are not expiration dates. >> you don't need to throw it out if it's past the date on the label. >> the nrdc estimates nine out of ten americans are confused by the dates. a family of four for instance throws about $2,000 worth of still edible food away every
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year. >> the dates are up to the manufacturers. there's no federal standards for food safety labeling for anything in this store except infant formula. >> he says many foods in store properly can last long after the label says. milk at least a week past the printed date and eggs can still be good three too five weeks after you buy them and many camp products like -- canned products last up to five years. the grocery manufacturers' association tells us the dates indicate freshness. but admits changes are needed. we are working to improve current code dating practices with the goal of creating a uniform global standard that will make it easier to interpret date labels. >> you have a sell by. you've got a use by. >> peter says until then, consumers should use common sense. >> you can open it and smell it. you can take a look at it. and for most things, you'll be able to tell whether or not it's still good. >> michelle's not buying it. >> uh-huh. >> not at all. okay, well the fda and usda have charts and guidelines with recommendations there on how
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long to keep certain foods after those posted dates. crostini is an italian appetizer, today the extra topping to make the side dish even more delicious. >> i'm really hungry right now. we want to invite all you pet lovers, send us your questionsn't their wealth -- about their wealth and well- being, just e-mail or on the facebook page and we'll have our
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well, all it takes is a little broccoli know to make a simple -- broccoli knee to make a simple dish extraordinary. >> i love crostinis, finger food especially the way she made it with broccoli knee. >> don't want to come up with flavor too much because it's so great. we chopped it up and we blanched it for about actually eight minutes. then some nice bread and toasted and it while it's hot you take a raw garlic lobe and you rub it on the bread to give a little bit of the aroma to it. layer this on here like this. and pepper this layer. and then do one more time. and after that, we're going to
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put the olive oil on top. and there's your crostini. >> a touch of olive -- pepper first right? >> no -- >> you already peppered it. okay. a little bit of olive oil on top. just like this. and i'm going to finish this off the way i like it. do you mind? >> no a little bit of cheese too. >> a little bit of cheese. and that's all. ciao. >> nice broccoli dish, perfect for the family. >> together beautiful. >> should take notes? >> i did. >> it looks delicious. >> and reminder if you have a consumer problem or a question, give our hotline a call -- volunteers are standing by right now. we'll be right back, stay
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life's morning multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together.
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and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. coming up tonight at 5:00, the her ball supplements without the -- herbal supplements without the herbs? the new crack down on a multibillion dollar industry coming up at 5:00. >> frank just asked me when does the rain start? you weren't listening. >> i've been listening. >> i know. thank you very much. >> more important that they
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